Trends in Aesthetics

The burning question of clients is often ¨What are the current trends in the world of aesthetics at this moment¨. Today Dr. V. gives her point of view on the current trends. 

¨ The trend at this moment is the more natural look! The last few years we noticed that a lot of clients came in for treatments that even could be slightly noticed by the outside world. Think for example the look of the Kardashian´s, a full noticeable pout, full high cheekbones, and a prominent chin. 

At this moment I notice that we are coming back from this period in the world of aesthetics. A clean natural look is the most frequent asked treatment at this moment. This means that even clients want to have lip fillers (partly) removed and rather go for some contouring of the lips instead of really adding (noticeable) volume to the lips. 

Basically, you can say that the ´catwalk´ model look is back, clean natural faces with still strong features but not noticeable for the outside world. Regarding strong features we notice a lot of demand for a strong jaw line and the lateral lift by slightly lifting the eyebrows to enhance a well-rested and open look, giving the face a strong but yet natural profile. It´s all about restoring the harmony in the face without treatments being visible. 

Also the demand of botox is rising and then not only botox in the known areas such as crow feet, forehead and frown but also botox in the jaw and chin to improve a strong face profile. For example, the use of toxin in the chin will relax the chin but also slightly bring the chin forward in a natural way giving your face a rested yet strong profile. 

Another important change is the immense demand for skin improvement. We want to go out bare face but looking of course rested and radiant. Say goodbye to layers of makeup but show that perfect even skin. For example, we have a huge demand for the Vivace Microneedling RF Treatment and the IPL Photo Facial. Both treatments tackle redness, pigmentation, and boost body´s own collagen for a stronger, even, and plump skin. Skin boosters are also in demand. Skin boosters don´t immediately add volume to the face but rather stimulate body´s own collagen for a healthier and stronger skin. Skin boosters will hydrate the skin immensely leaving you with a beautiful natural glow. 

Last but not least; there is more demand in treatments overall. Clients are more relaxed opting for injectable treatments in general, which in my opinion is happening because clients notice that treatments can also be very natural and unnoticeable for the outside world. It´s all about feeling yourself good in your skin. You need to feel confident and powerful. It´s all about looking the way you feel inside. 

If you want more information about the ¨look au naturelle¨ feel free to book a complimentary consultation and I will explain you in more detail what we can do to make you feel better.¨ – Dr.V.

Dr. Voropai is a highly regarded specialist in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. Globally recognized by her peers, industry experts, as the rising star of the industry. Dr.Voropai is a published author, featured in magazines for her views on beauty and faces. Her clientele is international and some clients call her ´the beauty world´s best kept secret´. Together with her team in Amsterdam she will provide you the best solutions to achieve your individual beauty goals. 

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