Our lifestyle and passed time both have influence in our appearance. You will often hear Dr. Voropai say. ‘I can’t reverse ageing but I can give you back what time took away’. She will analyse your facial features and will know what to enhance to bring out the best version of you. The cosmetic journey is not a one off trip to Dr. Voropai. Results are made over a period of time.

Dr. Voropai works with ultrasound visualisation. Just knowing the anatomy is one
thing but actually seeing it is another. The most important while having aesthetic
treatments is safety. Ultrasound visualisation minimises the possible complications and therefore maximises the desired outcome. The best results come through knowledge, skills and a sharp aesthetic eye.


The individual plan often contains a combination of different sorts of dermal fillers and treatments to get the best and most natural result. She only works with the best filler brands and technologies to achieve the ultimate outcome. The very first part of all her treatments is to improve the skin quality. The skin is your canvas. The skin is the body’s biggest organ, hence we need to restore and give it strength and health. This can be obtained with different procedures, such as lasers, regenerative treatments etc. The skin needs to be strong, healthy and fresh before continuing to the next steps like adding structure and strength with Radiesse and restore volume with dermal fillers.