Dr. Daria Voropai is known for spending time during her consultations; getting to know the client and vice versa, their insecurities, their strong points and from there on she designs a treatment to get a real result. The cosmetic journey is not a one off trip to Dr. Voropai. Every client is unique, which is why we don’t all list prices and encourage you to come and have complimentary consultation.



This signature treatment includes a full face analysis and a state of art recommendation meeting all your wishes. Facial remodelling procedure to restore the facial symmetry and balance using combinations of regenerative treatments, dermal fillers, together with anti-wrinkle injections. See this treatment as a mini lift with a natural outcome enhancing your already beautiful features. 

A Carte Blanche is Dr. Voropai’s signature treatment. Each face needs a different approach, it’s all about restoring the balance in the individual face. When we age our tissues lose volume as the collagen production reduces and the bone structure starts to shrink; this process is unfortunately time driven and will happen in different areas of the face. These areas depend on the genetic features you were born with. That’s why, for each client, there is a need for a unique and individual approach. Dr. Voropai gives you back what time has taken away. Restoring your tired, moody or angry face in a more beautiful rested and natural look. Best suitable for clients from end 30’s.

This treatment is often a combination of:

  1. Regenerate your tissues : collagen stimulating treatments ; giving strength to
    your skin and underlying tissues to prevent further sagging.
  2.  Restore : Restore the loss volume with Hyaluronic Acid Dermal fillers.
  3.  Relax : relaxing your hyperactive muscles in the frown, forehead and crow’s feet will give you a rested but still an expressive look.
  4.  Smooth and even skin tone.
  • Products that could be used: Botox/ Radiesse / Belotero Hyaluronic Acid fillers / Ultherapy / Laser treatments / Vivace.
  • Example treatment for 1400 euro: 3 ml of dermal filler and 2 zones of botox.

From €1,400


Around the eyes (eyelid and eyebrow rejuvenation). Giving back that eye sparkle. Improving eyebrow deflation, reduce the appearance of under eye-circles. Tackling those crows feet.

Dr. Daria Voropai created a personalized approach to the ageing area around the eyes. Therefore, she works with a combination of natural and regenerative substances such as peptides, growth factors and biological stimulators. This way of working combined with the classic approach of wrinkle relaxing injections (botox),
dermal fillers (hyaluronic), skin tightening devices and lasers results in the best possible outcome.

The combined approach that improves all skin layers gives back a fresh rejuvenated eye area but it also gives your own skin cells the opportunity to regenerate more and faster, which supports the eye structure from ageing and sagging in a longer perspective. The ageing process will slow down and the magic in your eyes will be restored.

From €210


A combination treatment of botulinetoxin with microfocused ultrasound to tighten the skin and give a beautiful lift for a longlasting effect.

Beautiful arched eyebrows give the face a powerful and attractive appearance. During the aging process our eyebrows start to descend. To lift the eyebrows Dr. Daria Voropai usually combines muscle relaxing injections (botox) to slightly lift the eyebrows combined with microfocused ultrasound for tightening the skin around the eyes. If needed a dermal filler can be included in your personalized treatment to create more support and structure for the eyebrow.

Products used:

  • Botulinetoxine
  • Ultherapy
  • Dermal filler


Ready for those magical eyes?

From €1000


Lines on the forehead, pronounced lines in the frown and crow’s feet area can give the appearance of being angry, stressed or tired whilst you feel beautiful and powerful inside.

You feel beautiful and powerful inside but people around you are asking you if you are tired, moody or angry. Dr. Daria Voropai´s goal in each and every treatment aims to make you look exactly the way you feel inside. She starts by analysing the cause of the wrinkles, which can include hypermobility of the muscles or a decrease in the volume of your fatty and bony tissues or simply a tired and dehydrated skin. This is
a classic treatment of 3 zones of botox.

From €389


Beautiful strong and high cheekbones make you walk the world with confidence and make you feel attractive at all times. Beautiful contoured cheeks enhance a young appearance. Give your highlight a moment of extra shine.

During our ageing process we lose volume in the cheek area. Our body produces less collagen and the bones are subject to gradual shrinking. Full high cheekbones give the face a youthful and energized appearance. Replenishing that volume with biological stimulators combined with dermal fillers can give you those  ´catwalk´ cheekbones in a heartbeat. 

Depending on the lost amount of volume Dr. Daria Voropai will create personalized and unique treatment plan for you. In younger clients often a bit of dermal filler is enough to restore minimum volume loss or just to simply enhance cheekbone contouring and give that highlighter an extra glow.

In case there is more loss of volume in the underlying tissues we may notice a sunken appearance. Jowls appear and the client may look tired around the eyes and cheek area. A combination of various treatments will give the best result. For example the use of biological stimulators such as Radiesse or Sculptra treatments will boost the body’s own collagen production and cell regeneration for a long term support in the cheek area whilst dermal fillers will restore the lost volume immediately by giving back those beautiful cheek contours.

Curious what you will need?

Dr. Daria Voropai will give you a personalized treatment plan.

From €780


Full lush natural lips shaped in the perfect arch are a killer feature in your face. But lips can break or make the face. The perfect pout enhances confidence, strenght and attractiveness. Not only for young individuals, but mostly for mature clients lips are important.

Creating the perfect but yet natural lips is one of Dr. Voropai’s favourite treatments to do. Lips can make or break the face. Dr. Voropai has developed techniques for creating the perfect lips that are being used all over the world. Lips can easily get overfilled and that’s not what we call pout perfection. Whether your lips lose volume during the aging process or you have thinner lips by genetics; together we can work to give you the lips you have always wanted. Perfect lips are not simply about the volume and shape of the lips.

But it’s about your lips enhancing your beautiful face and vica versa. And often we must look at the surrounding area of the lips as well. An example can be the skin quality around the mouth, fine smile wrinkles, so called smoker lines (vertical lines above the upper lip) or loss volume in the nasolabial area or a small chin..

Dr. Daria Voropai will always start by analyzing your lip area and listening well to your desired outcome. For younger clients Belotero lips is a perfect product to create lush and full lips. Another important feature is the surrounding area of the lips. In case of sad mouth corners or deep nasiolabial lines there can be a need for a more individualized plan. Combining multiple treatments will help us to achieve the best possible results.

There is no 1 solution for all. Book your consultation with Dr. Daria Voropai for more information about your personalized treatment plan.

Ready for a perfect lip?

From €540


A razor sharp jawline with the perfect chin projection means a powerful and strong facial expression. A frequent requested treatment for both women and men! Power up the jawline!

A strong angled jawline with the right chin projection gives the face power. The chin plays a very important role in the attractiveness of the face as the chin is a centre point. Together with a well defined jawline structure it is the cornerstone of a balanced attractive and powerful face. This treatment is very popular  among men as well.

Depending on the amount of volume loss and the desired outcome Dr. Daria Voropai will analyse your face from all angles, listen to your wishes before she draws out the perfect personalized treatment plan for you. Dermal fillers can be used to augment the chin and to strengthen the jawline and create the Angelina Jolie angle at the end of the jawline. Radiesse is important to strengthen the lower part of the face and to boost body’s own collagen. Radiesse will help to avoid sagging in the future, being the fundament of a youthful facial structure.

In some cases it can be useful to combine the treatment with skin enhancement of the neck area by using skinboosters to smooth out fine lines and to rejuvenate the entire lower facial part for a balanced and well restored result. Or include the Ultherapy for more tightening and collagen stimulation.

There is no 1 solution for all. Book your consultation with Dr. Daria Voropai for more information about your personalized treatment plan.

Ready for a razor sharp lower facial profile?

From €980


Not only a beautiful and smooth face is important but also the neck and decollete area needs our attention.

The neck is a tricky area to treat, hence for the best result we need to combine multiple treatments and have a step-by-step appraoch.

  •  Tightening the skin — Ultherapy

  •  Hydrating the skin – Prophilo

  •  Stimulation collagen – Radiesse

  • Removing brown spots – IPL laser

This is an example of what can be achieved and which treatments are available to work on this area.

From €600


As mentioned before Skin Improvement is step 1 in dr. Daria´s approach. The ´canvas´ needs to be strong and healthy before other procedures take place. For Skin Improvement we work with Laser Treatments.


Remove those brown spots and have a beautiful teint.

During the years our skin often develops pigmentation because of sun exposure and pollution. Pigmentation simply means discoloration of the skin, the skin gets darker (hyperpigmenation) or you notice dark spots on the skin. The darkness is due to an overproduction of melanin. SPF 50 is your best friend. Use it every single day of the year and also don´t forget areas such as the hands or the neck; basically every body part that is not covered when you go out needs to be treated multiple times per day with SPF 50. With Laser Treatments we can lighten (and often eliminate) dark spots and make the overall teint lighter in case you suffer from hyperpigmentation. In most cases you need several treatments for the best result, preferably done in autumn / winter time.

From €230


Couperose is a condition caused by weakened blood vessels. This often causes red veins around the nose area or in the cheek and chin area. 

Couperose refers to a very sensitive skin that suffers from redness and dryness. The redness is often the result of dilated blood vessels. It can also cause the skin to itch or show red/blue veins in certain areas; especially around the nose, on the chin, cheeks and between the eyebrows. A Laser Treatment can help to reduce the redness significantly. Couperoses does have the tendency to come back so follow up
treatments may be needed.

From €185


A less intense but qualitative Laser Treatment for skin rejuvenation is the Photo Facial. Getting that glow and collagen boost.

During this treatment we work with IPL. In a short procedure we will treat the skin with intense pulses that penetrate into the skin to boost the body’s own collagen and cell regeneration. On top of skin rejuvenation it will also reduce the appearance of redness and fine lines. This is the perfect Laser facial for the less mature skin.

¨Being beautiful in your 50’s is taking care of yourself in your 30’s.¨

From €235


The majority of patients seek microneedling RF treatment (Vivace) for its antiaging benefits like smooth, taut skin and a less wrinkled appearance, but it also corrects scarring due to acne. The collagen that the procedure creates helps fade your scarring. The result is the restoration of your flawless skin!

Full Face €450

Full Face €450

Note: Dr. Voropai is a highly qualified doctor and she treats all areas of the face. This is just a simple example of her favourite treatments. We will always encourage you to come in for a consultation