The Carte Blanche Method created by Dr. Daria Voropai

Dr. Daria Voropai´s signature treatment is the Carte Blanche treatment. This signature treatment plan includes a full-face analysis and a state of art recommendation meeting all your wishes. Facial remodelling procedure to restore the facial symmetry and balance using combinations of regenerative treatments, dermal fillers, together with anti-wrinkle injections. See this treatment as a mini lift with a natural outcome enhancing your already beautiful features. 

Each face needs a different approach, it is all about restoring the balance in the individual face. When we age our tissues lose volume as the collagen production reduces and the bone structure starts to shrink; this process is unfortunately time driven and will happen in different areas of the face. These areas depend on the genetic features you were born with. That is why, for each client, there is a need for a unique and individual approach. Dr. Voropai gives you back what time has taken away. Restoring your tired, moody, or angry face in a more beautiful rested and natural look. Best suitable for clients from end 30’s.

How does the treatment looks like?

Each plan is different but mostly a unique combination of treatments that:

  1. Regenerate your tissues: collagen stimulating treatments; giving strength to
    your skin and underlying tissues to prevent further sagging.
  2.  Restore: Restore the loss volume with Hyaluronic Acid Dermal fillers.
  3.  Relax: relaxing your hyperactive muscles in the frown, forehead and crow’s feet will give you a rested but still an expressive look.
  4.  Smooth and even out skin tone.

Why Dr. Daria Voropai? 

She has a double qualificiation MD & DMD. Dr. Voropai is a highly regarded specialist in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. Globally recognized by her peers, industry experts, as the rising star of the industry. Dr.Voropai is a published author, featured in magazines for her views on beauty and faces. Her clientele is international and some clients call her ¨The Beauty World´s Best Kept Secret¨. Dr. Daria Voropai runs 2 clinics; Clinic 77 in London and her new clinic in Amsterdam South. 

What makes the Carte Blanche method so outstanding? 

The advice is based on a full analysis of the right anatomy, bone structure, scull and fat compartments of the face including unique facial expressions. Everyone has different facial features but also different facial expressions. Besides that, each facial construction (the anatomy of the face) and the ethnicity plays a role. 

It´s important to understand the proportions and the balance of each individual face and based on this conclusion we can form the perfect treatment plan. Each person is different and there for each face is different. We look at a total plan; it´s a journey and especially not a one of treatment. The focus lays on emphasizing on the most beautiful features and cover up the less strong features. 

The Cart Blanche method is always a multi-action treatment plan in which we use different skin improving treatments, filler and toxin treatments all based on a sharp eagle eye and the correct analysis. 

Why are the skin improving treatments so important? 

The answer is easy. A strong and beautiful skin simply means that less fillers are required. Even better, a beautiful skin doesn´t need a makeup base; the so called #gobareanddontcare look. When you don´t need to use a lot of makeup because your skin is so beautiful you will naturally feel more confident. Besides sometimes the use of a heavy makeup foundation can even make you look older. Depending on your unique treatment plan skin improving treatments consists of laser treatments (to even out the skin tone, reduce pigmentation and redness), the Vivace for boosting collagen production and the Ultherapy, a non-invasive treatment that goes deep in to the sin to stimulate production of body´s own collagen and elastin.

Why are fillers so important? 

The restructuring of the anatomical face layers can be done with hyaluronic acid fillers and biostimulators like Radiesse. Radiesse restores volume but it also boosts body´s own collagen production and after a few months the Radiesse substance will be replaced by your own new collagen. This gives you a long term and most of all a natural result. 

Another important part of The Carte Blanche method is recreating shape and contour in the areas where volume is lost because of the aging process or external factors such as stress, pollution, weight loss or even smoking. It´s all about adding volumes in places where your face needs it to restore the volume and tackling those features you don´t like and that disturb the natural harmony of the face. 

What are the outcomes? 

A balanced face as the harmony will be restored while not losing the uniqueness in the face. You will enjoy a sexy and younger looking face, which will give you even more confidence. 

You should look exactly the way you feel; healthy happy with a beautiful glow ready to conquer the world. You will be you! 

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