Wrinkle reduced treatment that relaxes the mimic muscles

A botox treatment that relaxes the mimic muscles is one of the most requested injectable treatments. The treatment contains protein that acts on the nerve cells and it is used for various medical applications. The substance is diluted for cosmetic purposes. This treatment is very safe and has been done for decades.

The treatment is used for cosmetic purposes to reduce expression wrinkles by relaxing muscles. In short, the stimulus transfer from the nerve to the muscle is reduced, so that the muscle can contract less strongly. This results in smoother skin and less wrinkles. This treatment can be used as prevention to delay the aging process as much as possible.

Dr. Daria Voropai is an expert in wrinkle reduction treatments. She knows exactly which dose to use to ensure an effective yet natural result. You certainly don’t want to lose facial mobility or let other people see that you’ve undergone treatment. Dr. Daria Voropai is known for a very discreet approach with a natural result.

Indications for the Wrinkle Reduced Treatment

The following areas can be treated nicely.

● Forehead / forehead wrinkles

● Frown lines

● Crow’s feet

● Chin (pitting and muscle tension)

● Eyebrow lift

● Jawline (chewing muscles)

● Grinding teeth (Bruxism)

● Migraine

● Excessive sweating (armpits, feet, hands)


Dr. Daria Voropai works with BOCOUTURE. BOCOUTURE is the most natural version of botulinetoxine at the moment. The great benefit with BOCOUTURE is that a person can´t become resistant for botulinetoxine and possible side effects such as an allergic reaction are down to the very minimum. BOCOUTURE has the same effect as other botulinetoxine brands. It´s developed by the very well know pharmaceutical company Merz.


About 3-6 months depending on the treated area. Around the eyes botox usually lasts up to 4 months whilst botox in the frown area or on the forehead can last up to 6 months.

A botox treatment takes between 15-30 minutes depending on the areas treated.

Usually clients find a botox treatment not painful. It´s a quick treatment.

BOCOUTURE is the most natural version available of botulinetoxine. The effect is the same compared to other brands but DR.V. chose to work with BOCOUTURE because it´s more natural and possible side effects such as an allergic reaction are down to the very minimum.


You are very welcome to a free and no-obligation consultation in the clinic of Dr. Daria Voropai. An individual plan usually consists of a combination of treatments and different types of dermal fillers in combination with BOCOUTURE to achieve the best and most natural result. Dr. Voropai only works with the most quality brands and technologies for the best results.

Dr. Voropai will study your facial features in detail and bring you the best version. The cosmetic ‘journey’ is not 1 visit to the clinic, but results are achieved over a longer period. This way you can count on a long-lasting and natural result.


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