Welcome in our world

Dr. Voropai is a highly regarded specialist in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. Globally recognized by her peers, industry experts, as the rising star of the industry. Dr.Voropai is a published author, featured in magazines for her views on beauty and faces. Her clientele is international and some clients call her

'the beauty world´s
best kept secret'

Dr. Voropai developed a great interest in Facial Anatomy, Facial Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine during her Medical Degree. As part of her post-graduate training Dr. Voropai worked in the Oral and MaxilloFacial Surgery (OMFS) and General Surgery departments. This included experience in treating Facial Trauma, Reconstructive cases and Aesthetic Surgery. Dr. Voropai relocated to London to start a highly competitive Dental Degree for Medical Graduates at King’s College to pursue a career in OMFS. During that time Dr. Voropai has been invited to join Dr. Kate Goldie in her private practice at Harley Street, London. Dr. Goldie has trained and mentored Dr. Voropai and nowadays they run a successful clinic (Clinic 77) and training academy for doctors visiting them from all over the world. Dr. Voropai is a renown speaker at prestigious international conferences, where she lectures about her innovations and cutting edge techniques.

After spending several years in London, she started missing Amsterdam and wanted to spend more time with her family. Nowadays she divides her time between London and Amsterdam. It was the next step to open a beautiful clinic in Amsterdam fully decorated by Dutch Designers overlooking the famous Vondelpark.

Dr. Voropai is a strong believer in prevention and regenerative dermatology. This is an exciting field within the Aesthetic Medicine, which focuses on innovative treatments to support the skin in restoring and regenerating the acquired damage. Dr. Voropai has a wide experience and is a strong believer in natural results and giving the client the best version of themselves back. You will hear her say often

'Rock your age'

¨It gives me a lot of energy to share my knowledge and to gain knowledge from other top professionals all over the world. My job is an ongoing learning process; that’s why I love this beautiful and satisfying job. There is simply nothing better than being able to have an impact on the confidence of clients and to make them feel even stronger about themselves¨

– Dr. Daria Voropai.

We hope to welcome you soon in the new clinic.